What Was I Thinking? Kitchen DIY…

This past week, we were supposed to be moving into our new home that was going to give us the ultimate ‘house hack.’ What is a house hack, you ask?
Well, my husband Matthew and I have some lofty (albeit not impossible) early-retirement goals so we look for every possible avenue to bring in extra income to stash away for that day. One of our income avenues is via AirBNB hosting. This new house that we were supposed to buy would allow us to rent out a completely finished basement with a full kitchen in addition to continuing to rent out an extra bedroom for an extra $600-$1,000/month. Both of those together would pretty much pay our mortgage. It was perfect (insert heart-eyes smiley face).
Until it wasn’t.
The house significantly under-appraised and the seller wouldn’t negotiate with us and we certainly weren’t going to overpay for the house.
So, here we are…still in the same home we bought a little over a year ago.
Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s a GOOD home. And our commute is AMAZING! We are pretty happy here. I’d change a few things about it but nothing is ever perfect.
Anyway, upon getting the news that we weren’t moving, my plans to paint the new home’s kitchen fell through. I was sad but not devastated. Then, my husband (clearly the good-idea fairy in our home) had a genius idea.
“Why do you just paint our kitchen?” he asked.
“That’s a great idea!” I replied.
Oh boy was that a TERRIBLE idea.
I had NO idea what I was in for. We had painted my son’s nursery a year ago and I was quite pregnant and miserable during the project but I just figured it was because I was pregnant.
Well, I started doing some research which indicated the project would only take me 3-4 days.
So, I took a week of paid-time-off, gathered my tools and paint, and got to work!
I started the project on a Monday and by the time I got to Tuesday, I knew there was no way I was finishing this project on Wednesday. When Wednesday rolled around, Thursday started looking out of the question too.
I saw on Friday that when I did the math on how long it took the paint to dry, and apply second (and eventually third) coats, that I was in for a week-long project.
Now, as a new-ish mom who works full-time and just wants to smash out a project and then wine and dine, I was crushed when I realized this project would easily last til Saturday evening, possibly Sunday.
In my realization, I because so frustrated and angry at this project. I even took it out on my husband (to whom I greatly apologized to later as he patiently encouraged me through the project and even took some of his own personal-time-off to help me).
It had all been so frustrating. I had the cupboards completely empty and kitchen items strewn through the house for storage. I had to block the kitchen off from the dog and baby and then keep the baby locked at bay in the living room so he didn’t touch anything. It was horrendous and everyone was beginning to feel my frustration.
But here it is, Sunday night, and it’s DONE. I am finished. The most imperfect paint job you’ll ever see (as is every work of art, a friend told me), but I have the ‘dream’ kitchen I always wanted.
Was it worth it? I don’t know. It’s beautiful from afar but I don’t like putting myself in such stressful, over-whelming situations that I end up hurting those around me who are trying to encourage me. Although apologies are very prominent in our home, I still don’t like it.
So now I know, if we ever buy another home, I’m buying one already painted. I could fathom painting an even bigger kitchen. Will I ever take on a project like this again? I’m not sure. I do know that a lot was learned in this project. Not just in the art of home-painting but also about myself.
As a faith-based person, I believe God puts me in situations to teach me something and my takeaway from this project is to see the project with clearer eyes from the beginning to determine if it’s really something I’d find joy in or not. If I truly won’t enjoy the process, then it’s not worth it to me to save extra money. I either live with it as-is or pay someone to do the job for me.