One Easy Way to Find More Time in Your Day


My husband and I have been listening to a lot of podcasts lately about time management and productivity.  


I’ve always thought I was a pretty productive person.  I don’t always get to check every single item off my ‘to do’ list but if I can get ‘most,’ then I’m pretty satisfied.  


When my son was born, I made it a personal goal to not be on my phone or watch ‘too much’ television in front of him.  But I never measured what ‘too much’ looks like. Battling tv time was easy because I hardly watch any tv as it is but when I started realizing how much I am on my phone, I was blown away.  


Did you know that the average person opens their phone 110 times per day? What do I possibly have to know 110 times?  I learned that I wasn’t much different than the average person and I was showing my son that my phone was more important than spending time with him.  


In a conversation with a health professional a few weeks back, I told her I wanted to spend more time with my son but it’s hard considering I have about 45 minutes each morning before work and only 2.5 hours each night after work.  Well, I can’t change my work situation right now but what I can change is how I spend that 3.5 hours with my son.  


I decided the phone has to go.  


Now….don’t freak out.  I didn’t throw away my phone.  


But, my husband and I did take them out of our bedroom.  We now use an old fashioned clock to wake up. And we don’t look at them for about the first 45-60 minutes of our day.  The last couple of days, I’ve realized I didn’t even check my social media until well into 2.5-3 hours of my day.


Additionally, I put a limit on my social media.  My phone blocks the apps after I’ve checked it for an hour each day.  It stunk the first night but I’m actually now challenged to never get to that point again.  


If someone needs to get a hold of me, they can still call or text me.  I do have a few messenger apps for work or for chats with close friends that I check a few times a day, but all-in-all I feel a lot better about my lack of phone usage.  I don’t need to have my phone but I need to spend genuine, quality time with my son.  Now we can really get out for walks or play with his blocks together and he can have my full attention.  


That’s true quality time.  


Lastly, my husband has taken to a daily planner.  It’s so neat to watch him take a few minutes each day to plan out the next day and make sure he’s on top of his tasks.  He’s found himself to be more intentional with his time and completes more in his free time than ever.


I know this isn’t easy in our society, but I am going to challenge you.  There are a few apps out there that will aid you in tracking your usage. I personally use the Moment app with iOS but iPhone does have their own apps and I’m certain android does as well.  If anything, just see where you are.  How much are you just uselessly scrolling through social media? Could you be doing something more productive?  Could you find that extra time to exercise? Write a book? Start a business?