6 Hacks to Getting Your Summer Body



Drink water. All the water.


Water is key. I come across so many people that are baffled that I drink a gallon of water per day and then they respond by telling me that they drink about 1-2 standard bottles of water. That’s maybe around 30 ounces a day.


At a minimum, someone who’s seriously trying to lose weight and is being moderately active absolutely needs to be drinking a half gallon of water per day. At minimum.


Our bodies are made up of 60% water and your blood alone is 90% water! Additionally, it aids in transporting nutrients throughout the body and when your body is dry, it can’t perform that function properly and efficiently.


And ladies, don’t you spend day-after-day trying to find the perfect product to give you luminous skin?  I have the perfect product…WATER!


Water is shown to make the skin more flexible, smooth, and reduce acne. It also gives us the energy to boost us through workouts or just a simple workday.  


Additionally, we often confuse hunger with thirst.  If we’re trying to stay on target with our fitness goals, it’s hard when your body feels hungry all the time to stick to your regimen.  That being said, our bodies give us very similar signals for thirst as they do hunger and so we think we’re hungry but in actuality, we’re thirsty.  I recommend that my clients eat every 2-3 hours so if you’ve eaten in the last 1-2 hours, take some time to reflect on how much water you’ve drunk. If you haven’t had

much water, it’s time to make up for that.  If you have, then you may actually be hungry.  


These are just a few benefits of water but the list goes on!  


Cut out processed foods and shop from outer aisles


This is something I preach all the time: cut out your processed foods.  Stop buying fast food and cook your food at home. Don’t have time? Use a meal delivery service like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh.  These kinds of services provide fresh, delicious meals for you at a reasonable cost and minimal time that won’t hurt your waistline. There are also meal prep delivery companies out there that will make all of the food for you, put it in containers, and either deliver it to you or have it ready for pickup at your convenience.  



Hate running? Hop on the stair master.


There are so many ways to get your cardio in.  Walking is great but if you have the ability to take it one step further, I highly recommend the stair master or elliptical.  Wanna get sassy and really change up your routine? Try out the rowing machine!


I work with so many people who come to me and say, ‘I hate running but I also hate not losing weight.’  It’s a catch 22. Sometimes, you may have to run (obviously, if you have the ability to do so). I must say for myself that I don’t love running, but I love the way it makes my heart and lungs feel afterward.  Considering there’s a gross amount of illnesses and cancer in my family, I’ll take 20 minutes of misery a few times a week over bouts of chemotherapy or hospital visits.  


That being said, the stair master and elliptical both provide awesome cardio workouts!  Put your jam in your ears and get to work!




Don’t cut your calories so low that you’re constantly in starvation mode


This is a huge misconception in our society.  ‘Cut your calories, that’s the only way to lose weight.’  




Every single time I make a nutrition plan for a client, I start them at a level of maintenance or just-below.  When people start to realize their weight is getting out of control and they want to regulate it better, they often cut their calories TOO low.  In order for your body to successfully thrive while trying to lose weight, you have to eat enough food, otherwise, your body will store whatever amount of food you are giving it (thus you don’t actually lose weight) because it needs that food to survive.  


When you eat MORE, and enough that your physical activity balances it out, your body can actually react properly because it’s not worried about saving your organs in the event of starvation.  


This is my problem with universal, non-customized meal plans.  Every individual is so different!



Lift weights.


FEAR NOT!  YOU WILL NOT BECOME SHE-HULK (or Man-Hulk) overnight.  If you don’t want to be muscular, that’s okay, but there’s some untold truth behind lifting weights.  Lifting weights produces muscle. Muscle, in turn, boosts your metabolism.


Here’s a misconception: if I do cardio, I’ll lose weight.  


Yes, but no.  


You’ll lose weight if everything else is in place, but cardio alone will actually deteriorate your muscles because it uses muscles (after it’s finished with your glucagon storage) to give you energy.  


So, if muscle increases your metabolism, but you’re only doing cardio for exercise, the end result is *hopeful* temporary weight-loss and no metabolism boost.  


How do we remedy that?  We lift weights. Depending on your goals, it can be heavy weights or light weights.  It can be high reps or low reps. It can be frequent or infrequent. My point is that you lift them and allow your body to build some strength which will boost your metabolism thus allowing your body to break down food more efficiently which will result in weight loss that is long-lasting and a lot easier to maintain (leave that yo-yo dieting behind, sister).  



Use grocery delivery to slim your waistline (and your budget!)!


This might be a little unbelievable but when my husband and I started getting serious about our budget, we decided to give grocery pick-up and now grocery delivery a go.  Well, finances aside because it’s not the center of this particular blog post, I realized that with these options, I stopped buying crap!


Who would have thought?!


Also, my life is BUSY and I highly value time with my family so grocery pick-up and delivery allow me to spend more time with them.


But I’ve digressed.  By only choosing what I need from my grocery delivery service and not seeing other things that look good in the moment, I’m not only trimming my budget, but my waist too! It also encourages me to only buy what’s on my meal plan for the week and nothing more.  




As promised, I’ve given you 5 ways to trim your waistline and stick to your meal plan for the summer.  In case you’ve forgotten, they’re: 1) drink more water (at least 64 oz./day), 2) cut those processed foods, 3) get that cardio in.  Hate running? Try the stair master! 4) Don’t cut your calories so low that your goals plateau, 5) lift weights, and 6) use grocery delivery (or pick-up) to cut out the visual temptations from the grocery store.





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