Why Choose an Online Fitness Coach?

Sometimes when I tell people I’m an online fitness coach, they look at me with confusion.  I usually then proceed with an explanation.


I love training.  I’ve found a joy in it that I haven’t found in any other career I’ve had.  Although I don’t train full time now, it’s my dream to someday be able to. For now, in order to balance the crazy in life, I train as an online fitness coach.


For many people, this is a foreign concept because most are familiar with going to their local gym and hiring a personal trainer on the spot and training a few times a week with this person.  


What happens if that doesn’t fit your lifestyle?  


Americans live crazy lives these days.  We’re busy with careers, kids, social lives, the works!  Where does exercise fit in there?


It fits in wherever you make it fit and that’s where an online fitness coach is most effective.  

When I first started Be Sperry Fit online fitness coaching, my goal was to find the type of clients that are already comfortable in the gym but need specific guidance, encouragement, or accountability to help them reach their goals.    


I know first-hand how difficult keeping an exercise routine can be; add meal prepping and planning on top of that and it’s a lot of work!







My best friend and WBFF bikini and fitness competitor, Courtney Schade (find her personal guide to choosing a personal trainer here), said it perfectly, “my schedule is crazy.  It allows me to do my workouts when I have the time, versus having to schedule with someone.”  


As my life has changed over the last few years, I realized that online personal training has more than one benefit: it also works for families!


About a year ago, I became a mom.  







Keeping a rigorous schedule with a trainer in a gym seems impossible for me now.  Some days, I leave work for the gym, and I’m exhausted! The thought of going to train for an hour with a trainer in a gym is nowhere on my radar.  


I usually just want to push through a good, solid lift and get home.  When I worked with online coaches in the past, I could do just that.


I could make my own schedule and not feel one bit guilty about being late or leaving early, yet I still felt confident I was getting a great workout in!


According to one article, the average personal trainer in the U.S. can cost anywhere from $40-$90!  That’s a huge difference from what I offer and charge as an online fitness coach. And I come with the flexibility of your own workout schedule and am always available on my coaching app for questions and concerns.  


Online fitness coaching is a happy medium for the busy man or woman.  It’s the perfect remedy for the crazy life if you ask me!


So Gina, what about accountability?  I have trouble sticking to my plan without checking in with someone.  


Well, that great thing about quality online fitness coaches is that you can check in daily!  I tell my clients to check in with me at minimum, weekly, and if they need more because they’re struggling, by all means, shoot me a message and I’ll help you push through! Changing behaviors and lifestyle is hard work, I know from experience, so you should never be left in the dust to figure it out on your own.


In my opinion, online fitness coaching thrives in this way even more so than a personal trainer in a gym.  


To get an outside perspective, I asked my friend, Courtney, again, what accountability was like for her.  This is what she said, “while accountability is hard in the beginning, I am stronger for it.  I make better choices with my diet because I am the one holding myself accountable.  If my coach were holding me accountable, and they weren’t there, would I still have the strength to make healthier choices?  I’d like to say I would have that strength, but I know my former self better than that.”


Online training isn’t for everyone, but that’s okay.  For me, it allowed me to workout alone and maintain the ultimate focus.  That being said, I felt confident in the gym and was willing to try out new things, even if it meant I was exploring alone.  Not everyone has that same experience and would be better suited to hire an in-person personal trainer.


For Courtney, before working with an online fitness coach, her confidence wasn’t quite where she wanted it to be but when she started with her coach, she says, “It gives me confidence.  When I workout by myself instead of with a trainer holding my hand, I am proving to myself daily that I have the grit to do this. I have the will to motivate myself. Also, I have to do what my coach says, in the gym, by myself.  Every lift, every silly move, gives me more confidence just by doing it solo, not caring who is looking or judging me. I am not one that has confidence on stage, so this helps me in this area as well.


What’s important for me today is that you see and understand just some of the benefits that come from having an online fitness coach.  This is only a few of them and I’ve given you the experiences of only a couple of people.  


Try it out for yourself to make the ultimate call!